Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Ground Up

We knew going into the home purchase that there was some work that needed to be done on the house, both professionally and by us. One of the things that we were unable to do ourselves was the foundation. I was especially nervous about this, but after talking to a lot of people in our neighborhood (and homeowners in general) this is something that happens more often than we think.

To prep we had to remove the carpet and a lot of the walls in the basement. The basement was finished with a really neat panel system that slid in and out pretty easily, and the carpet removal was a breeze compared to the good ole master bedroom (or so I hear).  But, we were afraid after the foundation work was completed that we would have to deal with losing some inches and having to redo the walls.

This is the wall on the back side of our house. If it wasn't my basement I would say it was a really cool process.

Here is what it looks like all cleaned up and ready to go. The karma gods were looking out for us and it looks like we will not lose any inches in our basement and the walls and carpet can go back into the same places they were before!

That's the same wall that had the huge holes in it before! All cleaned up and ready to go (in four weeks once we have established there are no holes or leaks, crossing fingers!)


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