Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New goodies.

Since my Dad is awesome and gave Dan and I a target gift card for Christmas, it has been burning a hole in my pocket.

The first thing I got was an end of the bed storage bench.
I am pretty pumped to get this and full it with awesome things. At first I thought shoes, and then decide throwing shoes in a closed container may not be the best idea. We will see what we end up doing! 
Next thing I decided was more a gift for myself. But, if I am happy, isn't that a gift for Dan too?
I have been wanting a new step counter for awhile and my old fitbit wasn't working the way I needed it to, so I haven't been wearing it for a LONG time. Then I saw this beauty. 

It is currently charging, but even the charger is amazing. You just take it off and the charger has a magnet that sticks to the back. No taking the whole bracelet off and dealing with all of that. I am excited to get to tracking again!

I still have a little left to spend for a rainy day. Aren't gift cards the best?

Monday, January 11, 2016


A lot has happened since I last wrote in this little blog. Got a dog, started a new job, knocked some housing projects off our list, and pouted about the things that we haven't, oh and we got married.

Somewhere in the middle of that I completely stopped taking care of myself  and managed to gain back all of weight that I lost. After sitting down and having a come to Jesus meeting with myself  I committed to starting Weight Watchers. I think that part of the reason I did not keep the weight off was that I didn't do it in a super healthy way (mentally). I was cutting calories and spending a lot of time  restricting foods and force feeding things that I hated, which lead me to over eat. I was not finding working out or the "lifestyle" enjoyable anymore. I was exhausted, and eating pizza made me feel better. 
This time I hope that by using Weight Watchers to find a better balance and a more realistic forever plan. I am working on slowly adding classes back into my routine, but really just going to focus on being more active on a daily basis. I am going to focus on me and what works best.

So here we go!

Monday: Mahi Mahi Green Beans and  Roasted Sweet Potato Chunks 
This fish is fantastic, and the sweet potato bites from Target were off the chain. All we did was add some coconut oil and garlic powder 
Image result for archer farms sweet potato chunks

Pulled Pork and Sweet Potato Spirals

BLTs (No T for me, sub in some A..vocado)

Something new I am trying this time around is not over doing it.....weird.