Friday, September 13, 2013

Getting down on Friday

Pretty uneventful weekend planned here in JuJuville which is probably for the best since the next two weekends will be insane. I have to work on Saturday so I will be missing my first Husker game of the season, so if they lose it will basically be my fault. Sunday I am taking a sushi making class with a friend. I am in charge of bringing the cream cheese so I already like how things are progressing. 

Here is what went down in the past week:

The makings of the BBQ Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf. I would give it a 2 1/2 out of 4 stars. This is going to be shocking, but turkey bacon does not taste like bacon. Next time I would save the calories and just make the meatloaf. Tonight's Buffalo Chicken is in the crock pot now, and smells AMAZING so I have high hopes.

This is the sunflower I replanted at our house. I think its dying. oops.

Last weekend Dan and I pretended we were adults and went to the City Market and then the vintage shops in the West Bottoms. The City Market never dissapoints, the booths are gearing up for fall so there were tons of squash and pumpkins. I have been wanting to try out spaghetti squash for awhile now, so maybe now is the time. Anybody have a recipe they love?

We also had the pleasure of seeing this vehicle above. It has the front and back of a mini van and the side of a normal car. We were not the only one taking pictures of this car/van so hopefully we will see more like them soon!

We also went to First Fridays in downtown KC primarily to hit up Wilma's food truck. We first had Wilma's after the Tour De Brew and their meatloaf sliders were out of this world, and were impressed by them once again. Look them up on Facebook to check out where they will be this weekend!

Master bedroom wall color samples. We were leaning towards the grey on the right, but once we found out the bathroom vanity top was green, we settled on the left. The previous owners purchased a new vanity for the master bedroom, but for some reason they did not install it. They most likely didn't because of the work that it takes to install something like this, don't worry that's something for another post!

 Facebook gets me.

Oh did I mention our driveway is getting done as well? This was yesterday, and today it is just all dirt. We should hopefully have a driveway soon. Parking in the street is lame.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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