Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cause I'm Crafty

Well not really, but I have recently turned two Pinterest projects into reality.

I am working on a rather large gallery wall on the landing leading down to the basement. It is turning into quite the little undertaking. I had been seeing little projects like these all over Pinterest and knew I had to make a set for Dan and I. It is hard to find things that are cutesy and personalized without being cheesy.


First thing I did was find some clip art of Nebraska and Kansas and print it off to the size I wanted. I literally just googled "state outlines" and came up with this website.

First I traced over the state outlines as hard as I could in pencil on the backside of the outline.

I laid the backside that I just traced down on top of a piece of card stock with the printed outline facing me. After I made sure everything was where I wanted it I traced directly over the printed outline, again as hard as I could with pencil.

When I was done it left me with a nice pencil outline to cut out. Then all I did was get some cute scrapbook paper and some frames from the store and put it all together.


Dan so nicely pointed out to me that Nebraska isn't exactly to scale compared to Kansas. It was an honest mistake, I swear :)

Next project was super as simple as well. I knew I wanted to chalkboard paint some pots to eventually plant herbs in. All I did was buy the pots and the chalkboard spray paint. It took about three coats to get it nice and even. In hindsight I probably would have purchased chalkboard paint instead of spray paint, but it worked either way.


Here is what mine look like. I do not have anything planted in them yet. We are wanting to get them already grown and it is proving a little difficult to find. 


Have you been working on any projects lately?


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