Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Closet

It was really hard for me not to make a coming out of the closet joke here.


Over the weekend I threw a hissy fit because I feel like we aren't getting anything done at home. In fairness there are still things that the contractor has to work on, so there is no sense of us fixing something that may get torn apart. We learned that one the hard way. But, it is just very hard to not have a single room in the house where we want it.

We decided to knock out the master bedroom closet. All we had to do is take down all the shelving and paint it white. Honestly it was pretty easy, and made me feel like we accomplished something.

The only reason we needed to do anything to it at all was because when the previous owners installed the new closet shelving they didn't repaint the walls, so we were left with three different colors. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, right?

Here it is all lovely and clean.

Dan worked very hard taking down and replacing the shelving. I am very excited to move our clothes from the other rooms they have been hanging (get it?) in, and move them into their permanent home!

Here it is all ready for clothes!

We just have to get the baseboards painted and put down and we can cross one room off the to do list!


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