Friday, October 4, 2013

Five On Friday


I think I am officially too old for concerts. I had a great experience at Mumford and Sons. We had a great spot, great weather, and for the most part the people around us were great. Buzz Beachball was another story. The line up was fantastic and the weather was ok, but the people were awful. There was not a single seat in the place and everyone was pushing and shoving to get a closer spot that just did not exist. By the time the band I really wanted to see what on the stage, it was so crowded I could bearly see.

I was also super sore the next day, is this what being old feels like? I don't like it at all!

Oh well, here are some poor phone quality photos from the shows for you to enjoy!

(Mumford and Sons)

(Buzz Beach Ball)
We may not have a single room finished in our house, but I did manage to style our mantle this week. Everything you see was reused from my apartment (or given to me), so it was free, and doing this made me feel a ton better. I painted the mirror Sage Grey by Behr. It was one of the paint colors we were going to use in the bedroom, so we had the sample. I sanded it a bit to add some texture. I tossed around painting it a brighter color, but I am really loving the grey (for now).

About two weeks ago Dan and I went to our first estate sale. We happened to go on the last day of the sale when everything is 50% off. This has some pros (uh, everything is half off) and some cons, like everything has been picked through. We did manage to score a desk, and some tools.

On Wednesday we hit up another sale hosted by the same company and while everything was still full priced we did manage to snag a couple of neat items. After going on the first day of a sale, and the last I think I am going to stick with going on the last days. The prices were reasonable, but more than I would pay for some items. They know what is "trendy" and priced those items accordingly. A mason jar for eight dollars? No thank you.

I got these frames that I am going to paint and Dan picked out a book for his dad, all for $4.50.
 Menu Monday was a little weak this week. The sloppy joes were good, but the cheese sauce it asked us to make was odd. I think next time we are just going to melt a cheese slice on it and call it good. The pork chops were really tender, but the potatoes and carrots could have used more time. I think with some personal tweaks that the recipe could be awesome though, definitely one that we will try again. I am really excited about some of the recipes for next week, so hopefully they will be more successful.
I am proud to say I kept with my goal for this week and worked out Monday-Friday. I went to a new gym in my area and really hated life enjoyed myself. It felt good to be pushed and sweat, and I honestly feel that part of my funk I have been in lately stems from not working out like I used to. This next week I am going to continue with my five days a week goal, and I am going to eliminate extra snacking.


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