Monday, October 14, 2013

Menu Monday 10/14

Menu Monday 10/14 - -Eating Clean(er) Edition

Dan has his half way weigh in for his weight loss challenge, so we are going to step up our game with food this week.
It is so easy to do well during the week, and then so tragic when one day messes up everything. After a six (S-I-X) pound weight "gain" after Saturday's festivities it is time to get my act together as well.

We have a ton of leftovers from last week. Dan's finally finishing off his chili, we have tortellini soup and meatballs left over as well. All of the meals we tried last week were definitely a success. If we are going to continue to make crock pot meals I am going to have to invest in a larger crock pot, the tortellini soup was awesome, but could have used more spinach, I just couldn't fit any more in there!

Pork Chops and Wilted Spinach

Sausage and Sweet Potato Foil Packets


Ok guys, I am going to do it. Spaghetti Squash here we go! I figure if it is horrible, the meat sauce will save it, right? I also am going to use turkey sausage instead of ground beef in my meat sauce

Grilling Out

 Both Tuesday and Wednesday we are making our own recipes. As we make them I will take pictures and post the recipes as best I can. A lot of time with our cooking we just "wing it". That is not  always the best thing to do, especially when losing weight, you have to be more precise, we will work on it.


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