Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moving on Up!

These past two weeks have been filled with so many emotions. Between working a new shift and settling into a new routine with work, we have also been moving.

Moving is one of those tasks that I am pretty sure nobody likes. In an ideal world you would just pay someone to move everything for you. We were fortunate enough to hire people to move the large items, but have been spending the better part of two weeks moving items, cleaning our apartments, and getting the house ready.

My apartment was especially difficult to move out of. I learned so much about myself in that place. It was a tiny, perfect little apartment. Yes, my car was stolen there. Yes, I had to call the cops on my neighbors the first night I stayed there. But, the independence I acquired I wouldn't change for anything. There are three years of memories in that place and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

We will officially return the keys to the old places tomorrow and will be moved into our new home. I have been taking pictures of the process along the way and look forward to sharing them with you! 


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