Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Timer: Egg White Muffins

I am starting to get bored with my breakfast options on my new nutrition program. I had just been microwaving two egg whites and a whole egg. But, I am not sure if you have ever microwaved eggs, but they stink, and children have no tact. Nobody wants to be the stinky teacher.

In comes egg white muffins. There are tons of recipes all over pinterest for this, but I chose this blog to base my recipe off. The best things about this is you can customize them however you want. You can make 12 different muffins if you want to.

We used chicken sausage from Trader Joes, and just removed the casings to make it easier to put into muffin cups. I also sauteed the spinach with the sausage to help the flavor. I had trouble putting raw spinach into the cups, so that made it easier.

Then we added the ingredients to the muffin cups. I used cupcake liners to make clean up easier, and add a little color, We added a little salt and pepper to each cup as well.

We also made some veggie cups with green and red onion, bell pepper and jalapeno. Dan added some hot sauce to his, and I added a smidge (technical term) of cheese to mine.

The recipe called for two egg whites (three table spoons). I measured the first one out and then just eye balled it for the rest of the cups. Basically you just fill them like you would a regular muffin or cupcake.

Finished product!


Lindsey: FINALLY, a wonderful, easy breakfast. These microwaved up so easy the next morning (and didn't smell) and they were delicious. I had two and it was the perfect size. I actually liked the ones with jalapeno in them, they cooked up nicely, and I usually do not like spicy things. I know these are going to be a weekly thing, because they were so easy and could be completely different each time.

Dan: The egg white muffins are pretty good reheated. I had the two veggie ones for breakfast, and honestly should have brought more. The jalapenos were pleasantly potent.


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